Friday, December 19, 2008

Brown Mountain & Mt Lowe via ACH, Ken Burton Trial

Hike Stats

Rating: 8-9 / 10, Advanced
Distance: Up to 15 miles
Elevation Gain: Up to 5000 ft
Estimated Time: Up to 8 hrs
Terrain: Trail & use trail on ridge, potential for dealing with snow


We are going to take an unconventional way for the beginning of the hike. Most hikes around Brown Mountain begin in Millard Canyon; however, I would like to check out some apparent use trails that descend from the Angeles Crest Highway.

We'll descend down Twin Canyon via a use trail that is allegedly in good shape. We'll reach Oakwilde campground (or thereabouts) and meet up with the Ken Burton trail which ascends the west side of Brown. This trail is also apparently in good shape, although a few mountain bikers mentioned some annoying poison oak, so please be aware/prepared.

We'll reach the Brown mtn fire road, and gain the west ridge which we'll take all the way up.

Snow: Reports are that the snow level is somewhere around 4500 ft. So I think we should be able to at least get up to Brown mountain without much trouble. After reaching Brown, we'll descend the east ridge toward Tom Sloane saddle, and then begin a good ascent toward Mt Lowe. This is the one area I am specifically cautious about, as we may begin to pick up more snow and we will be on a ridge, so we will just have to be careful and turn around if the conditions are dangerous.

If we don't make it up to Mt. Lowe, we'll still have done 3500 ft elevation gain, and at least 9 miles. But please be prepared for hiking in some snow!


ACME map of some key points

We will meet at the ACH rideshare point, then we will head up to point "F" on the ACME map.

This is the pulloff we want to reach:

View Larger Map

I'm not sure but I suppose we should have Adventure Pass's to be safe.

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